Patch clamp and electrophysiology equipment
Axopatch 200 B-10400$

Multiclamp 700B

Digidata 1440A

Molecular Devices Axon Instruments.
Heka Elektronik
Cambridge Elect. Design CED
MDI's MicroData Inst. Inc.
BX51WI Olympus Microscope
BX51WI Dimensions.
Olympus Microscopes
Leica Microscopes
Ludl Electronic Products
Microworld-Microscopy Products

Leica TCS SP2
Leica Confocal
Bio-Rad Microscience - Confocal Products
X-Y Translator
SOMAPATCH-O-XY XY translator for Olympus BX51WI-3395$

SOMA Scientific Intruments 3395$

SD Instruments MXMS-100cr-xx  2475$

Sutter MT-1000: X-Y Translation

Motorized micromanipulators
SD-Motorized micromanipulator (MX7600)-5000$

Siskiyou Design Instruments
Sutter Intruments: MPC-200 -ROE
Hydraulic micromanipulators
Narishige- MWO-3 Three-axis Oil Hydraulic Micromanipulator-6300$

Narishige- Electrophysiology
Vibration Isolation Systems
TMC Antivibration Table

TMC: Laboratory Tables
Minus K Technologys
Intracel Antivibration Table
VayTek stable table
Biosciences Tools Vibration Isolation Table
Digital Data Recorder
VR-100B Digital data recorder

Instrutech Corporation Product List

TDS2014_standard oscilloscope; digital, 100 MHZ, 1 GS/S, 4-CH, 1995$

Plexoninc-Hameg 507 Digital Oscilloscope 2 X 50 MHz $1,198

Gould Instrument Systems
Oscilloscopes : Analog -
Test Equipment Depot-New Oscilloscopes Manufacturers

Electrode Pullers- Accessories
P-97 Micropipette Puller-6700$

Sutter Instrument Company
Cell MicroControls

Warner Instruments: Capillary Tubing
Standard wall capillary with filament
Harvard Apparatus- Clark capillaries
Warner Online -capillaries, Holders
WPI- Borosilicate Glass Capillaries
Grass-Telefactor electrodes
WPI-Micropipette Holders
Gas regulators: Fischer

Carbogen Catalog# 10-572-2A, $249 Delivery Pressure psi (MPa): 1–40

Nitrogen Catalog# 10-573J, $319 Delivery Pressure psi (MPa): 1–250 - Catalogs - Regulators & Guages - Matheson Regulators

Gas Diffusers:
Fisherbrand* Gas Diffusing Stones Cat.# 11-139B, $25.23

Batteries: Panasonic LC-R1220P, 84.95$
Pico Technology
Newark Electronics

Battery charger: BatteryMINDer VDC-12041 - 12 Volt 4 Amp 95.95$

Temperature Control Systems:

for in vitro
Cell MicroControls- TC2bip

for in vivo
CWE- TC-1000 Temperature Controller
Color cameras:
Hitachi HV-D30-1/3"-800 TVL-3 CCD$ 2920$ 2225$ 2920$ 12VDC Power Supply for HV-D30 Accessory#  45601-C1, 52$

Sony DXC390-1/3"-800 TVL- 3CCD 2995$ 2550$

Dage MTI CCD-100 camera
RedShirtImaging- Low Dark Noise Cooled-CCD camera system-58,500$
Low Dark Noise Cooled-CCD camera system
Quantitative Imaging Co.
Dage-MTI CCD Cameras
RedShirtImaging NeuroCCD-SMQ
RedShirtImaging NeuroplexII
VayTek, Cameras
Vaytek camera compare, definitions
Color monitors:
Sanyo VMC-8613B 13"-
750 TVL-$329 329$ 330$
JVC TM-H1375SU-13"-750 TVL-499$
Sony PVM14L1-13"-600 TVL--$529 645$ 529$

Black & white monitors:

Vitek VTM-14A-14"-1000 TVL 142$
Sanyo VM-6614-14"-1000 TVL 190$
Pro-Video VM1501B -15"-1000 TVL 225$
Sony PVM137-13"-1000 TVL 689$
Dage-MTI HR-120-12"-800 TVL 550$
Vibratomes-Dissection tools:
Leica VT1000 S
Leica VT1000S
Microslicer-Ted Pella
The EMS 4000 Automatic Oscillating Tissue Slicer with Built-In Refrigeration: 6500$
Leica VT1000 S
Ted Pella-Microslicers
EMS-Oscillating Tissue Slicer
FHC-Tissue Slice Apparatus
Fine Science Tools - FST
Master-8 pulse generator-3950$

Berkeley Nucleonics Corp.Pulse generator 505-4C +Rack Mount P/N6914 - $2,460 +$300

Cygnus Digital Stimulator Model PG4000A - $2,850

Grass-S88 Dual Output Stimulator  $3,335

Grass-S88 Dual Output Stimulator

WPI-A300 Pulsemaster Multi-Channel Stimulator 
A.M.P.I. - Master-8 & Master-8-cp
Grass-Telefactor Stimulators
WPI-A300-Pulsmaster stimulator
Stimulus Isolation Units:
Cygnus SIU-90 stimulus isolation unit, $595

SIU7 Peripheral Nerve Stimulation Isolation Unit
SIU7 Peripheral Nerve Stimulation Isolation Unit
WPI A395 Linear Stimulus Isolator

Grass-Telefactor-Stimulation Isolation Unit
WPI-A395 Linear Stimulus Isolator
Peristaltic Pumps
ColeParmer-MasterFlex pumps

Modular drive: EW-07553-80- MasterFlex Variable-Speed Modular Drives 1-100 rpm, 115V. 520$

Pump head: EW-07519-20
Masterflex® L/S® 4-channel,
8-roller cartridge pump head. 200$

4 Pump cartridges: EW-07519-85, Masterflex® L/S® small pump head cartridges  for 07519-20 pump heads. 4 X 55$  

WPI-PumpPro MPL-Multi-Channel

Computer Storage
USB Flash Drive

SanDisk Cruzer Micro 1GB USB Flash Drive

Portable External Hard Drive

Western Digital Passport 250GB Hard Drive -WDXML800UETN-
Western Digital

DVD±RW Drives
Dual Layer DVD±RW Writer 16x/8x/16x DVD+RW, 16x/6x/16x DVD-RW, 4 DVD+R DL, 48x/24x/40x CD-RW
Sony DRU-720A - SonyStyle 89$ -PriceGrabber 79$
Lite-On SOHW1673S - Price Grabber 59$

Computers - Desktops

Top 5 mainstream PCs - Reviews - Home & Home Office: Desktops 

Dell - Desktops; Dimension Desktops 

HP Desktops and Workstations 

SonyStyle - VAIO® Desktops

Storage Buying Adviser: DVD 

Frame Grabber
Scion Frame grabber
OUP USA: Life Sciences
Acquisition Systems
Flash Lamp Systems & Lasers
Rapp OptoElectronic
Cell Signalling
RBI-Neurochemical Products
Alomone labs
RUN Technologies
Igor Pro from WaveMetrics
Synaptosoft, Inc.- Mini anal.
Jaejin Software
Neuroexplorer Home
Plexon Inc
Rhbit - neuro educ. soft.
Computing resources Brainware
The MathWorks
Imaging Research Inc.
Representing companies
Pacer Scientific
Digitimer Limited
Intracel Electrophysiology
VayTek, Microscope Peripherals

NeuroscienceWeb Search
Tim's Neuroscience Resources
Real neurons: a review
Research Imaging Center
Visit also my collection of neuroscience books

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